Special Needs

We know that not all of our patients are the same, and that some require more attention than others. Our team will treat your child with patience, respect, and understanding, as we complete their dental work so that they can have a positive experience with their dentist. Our practice specializes in developing a friendly relationship between children and their dentist, to avoid fear of dental work as they grow older.

Our team is equipped to handle cognitive and physical restrictions so that your child can get the care they need and deserve. We believe ever child has the right to prober dental care, even if they have restrictions that make regular visits difficult. We will take the time to make sure your child has a happy and healthy oral health situation.

We can provide:

  • A safe environment
  • A comfortable atmosphere
  • A respectful attitude
  • An open understanding
  • Professional results

Give our office a call if you have any questions regarding our services for patients with special needs and how we can accommodate them before your visit to ensure a positive experience. We allow parents to accompany their children with special needs through any procedure so that they can feel safe and comfortable.

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