“I tell everyone at my son’s school about Dr.Yasrebi! The office is nice and welcoming, all of the dental assistants are friendly, and my Nathan leaves happy and with spotless teeth! Thank YOU Dr.Yasrebi”
— Patricia G.
“Before going to Yasrebi Smiles, my daughterhated brushing her teeth at night and would struggle with cavities. She wasscared of the dentist’s office and I wasn’t sure how to help her get morecomfortable. It took one visit with Dr. Yasrebi and not only does she brush andfloss her teeth with regularity, but she also loves going for her annualcleanings too.”
— Fionnula T.
“Three weeks ago, on our way to dinner with extended family, my 8-year-old son informed us that his mouth hurt. It turned out that he had been keeping quiet about an infection on the roof of his mouth that clearly needed immediate attention. Thankfully for us, Yasrebi Smiles offered emergency dental care, so we were able to address the issue before it got out of hand. You’re a lifesaver Dr. Yasrebi!”
— Felix P.
“My favorite thing about the office is how friendly and welcoming their staff is. They are truly incredible with children.The front desk staff is accommodating and helpful with any questions I might have, and the dental staff is great at what they do. I would recommend this place to anyone and everyone!”
— Eunice M.

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