Restorative Dentistry

We know that keeping up with your child’s oral health can be a challenge. Kids like to eat and drink lots of sugar, which can damage their teeth over time. Restorative dentistry refers to procedures for reversing damage or save teeth and gums from disease and decay as your kids age. Almost everyone suffers from some kind of tooth decay, either by neglect or from age, however steps can be taken by your dentist to ensure that your child’s teeth are preserved for years to come. By keeping bacteria and tartar build up at bay, we can prevent problems later in life, as preventative dentistry is always less invasive than restorative dentistry.

Some of our restorative dentistry services include:

  • Fillings – Fillings help repair a tooth that’s suffering from decay and protects it from further damage.
  • Crowns – Crowns cover a tooth to restore the shape, size, and appearance of a tooth that has a large amount of decay or is broken.
  • Pulpotomy – A pulpotomy is often referred to as a “baby root canal” and can save an extremely decayed tooth from extraction.
  • Extractions – Extractions of primary teeth help make room for primary teeth to erupt and are sometimes the last resort if a severely decayed or damaged tooth can’t be restored with other procedures.
  • And more!

Restorative dentistry is an important service we offer to all of our pediatric patients. We want your child to enjoy a lifetime of beautiful and healthy smiles. Call today if you have any questions about how these procedures work or if your child may need an exam.

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