Growth & Development

Your child’s growing teeth starts from their very first tooth. At Yasrebi Smiles, our goal is to provide parents with every opportunity to understand your child’s oral health. We want your child’s mouth and teeth to be as beautiful as they are!


Healthy habits start from the beginning! Parents are recommended to wipe their gums regularly with a warm towel. At this age, your newborn will be teething on their favorite things.

Your child’s first tooth may emerge in their milestone year. As such, it is important that you monitor the amount of sugar in their bottle. Baby bottle tooth decay occurs due to excess sugar intake and can create sugar bugs (cavities) on their growing teeth.


By the time your child has their first tooth, visit your child’s dentist! We will provide you with tips in order to help your child practice good dental hygiene at home. Our dental checkups ensure that your child is receiving great dental care!


At this age, children have nearly a full set of permanent teeth. Wisdom teeth are typically removed at this age to allow for a beautiful mouth. Orthodontics are also recommended if your child has crooked teeth, spacing issues, or bite issues.

Does Your Child Need Growth & Development Services?

Our friendly approach to dentistry makes all the difference for your child. We want them to feel comfortable with every appointment and parents to be involved as well. Contact us today to make an appointment!

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