Dental Home

There is nothing better than finding a pediatric dentist who understands your child’s needs with high-quality dental care. Our team is highly experienced to treat children of all ages and those requiring special attentive care. You, the parent, are always involved with your child’s dental health in our office—your child’s new dental home.

The Visit

We know that every child is beautifully unique and that’s why we work closely with parents for guidance. Most importantly, we are more than happy to teach parents about the latest dental techniques to preserve your child’s dazzling smile!

Our team detects and gently treats cavities and more for your little one!

Does Your Child Need a Dental Home?

At Yasrebi Smiles, we are committed to enriching your child’s smile with each and every appointment. Our dedication to parents and their children includes oral health education and tips to maintain at home and in our office. Contact us today to get started!

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